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The definition of word "gift":
rate 1. present, offering; natural talent
rate 2. in law, a present or thing bestowed gratuitously. The term is generally restricted to mean gratuitous transfers inter vivos (among the living) of real or personal property. A valid gift requires: a competent donor; an eligible donee; an existing identifiable thing or interest; an intention to donate; delivery; i.e., a transfer of possession to or for the donee and a relinquishment by the donor of ownership, control and power to revoke (except in gifts mortis causa; i.e., those that are made by someone believing himself to be near death and that become final only if the giver dies) and acceptance by the donee. Formal acceptance is necessary under French law, but Anglo-American law acknowledges implied acceptance.
rate 3. A B I L I T Y (n) a special ability in something; a talent He has a gift for languages - he speaks about five fluently. Her greatest gift as a novelist is for creating atmosphere. (UK and ANZ informal) The gift of the gab/ (US informal) The gift of gab is the ability to speak easily and confidently in a way that makes people want to listen to you and persuades them that what you are saying is correct. She's got the gift of the gab - she should work in sales and marketing.
rate 4. A transfer of property with nothing given in return - Gift - Gift
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Today's news containing the word "gift":
Lady plea for gift deed scrap (3/4/2013)
Parinita denied the charge. "We have all sorts of papers regarding the property. The allegation is baseless." Saumya works with a private firm in Gujarat. The couple have no children.
Google Gift Cards get UK pricing (3/3/2013)
They'll come in £10, £25, or £50 flavours -- when they finally launch -- according to the Google Play support page.
Frozen Food Gift Group Inc. Purchases Ice Machine Firm (3/2/2013)
Frozen Food Gift Group Inc. (OTC BB: FROZ), the only publicly traded company that sends specialized ice cream gift products via the Internet for delivery anywhere in the U.S. (www.SENDaSCOOP.com), today announced that it has...
LeBron's great gift of fun (3/1/2013)
What's the last time a champion had the right mix of fun and professionalism? The rarest gift in sports is a superstar who brings a proper mix of fun and professionalism. Who last had that gift? Magic Johnson had it. But that ended two decades ago. That's how unusual this gift is. And LeBron James has it.
If You're Looking for Love, Be Careful Where You Look Because Some of Those Strangers Are Very Strange Indeed… (3/11/2013)
In Dying For You, the sixth in the Rafferty & Llewellyn crime series, British author, Geraldine Evans, has her Detective Inspector Joseph Rafferty finding more than he bargained for when, alone, lonely and heading towards forty, after signing up with the Made in Heaven dating agency, he manages to become chief suspect in his own double murder enquiry. And all he'd been doing was looking for love…
“Mohrlang is the new master of adventure in exotic locales….” (3/11/2013)
Publish America, the nation’s largest traditional publishing company, is proud to announce the release of area author Jerry Mohrlang’s new novel, Mujahidin.
Take advantage of brief rainy season to ease drought with new top soil product (3/11/2013)
Online Turf, in conjunction with sister company Online Top soil, have created a new product to try and help customers make better use of rainfall in their garden.(PRWeb April 27, 2012)
Paradiso Insurance of Connecticut is Spreading Heart Health Awareness to the local community during the Month of February (3/11/2013)
Local agency provides heart health tips to the community.(PRWeb February 26, 2013)
First full colour images at 100,000 dpi resolution (3/11/2013)
Inspired by colourful stained-glass windows, researchers from Singapore have demonstrated an innovative method for producing sharp, full-spectrum colour images at 100,000 dpi which can be applicable in reflective colour displays, anti-counterfeiting, and high-density optical data recording.(PRWeb August 12, 2012)
LuciData Names Cherie Mitchell as Chief Operations Officer (3/11/2013)
Information security sales and business development veteran joins executive team.(PRWeb October 02, 2006)
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