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+2 rate 1. in what way?, in what manner?, by what means?; to what extent?
+1 rate 2. anagram who
rate 3. adv (not gradable), (conjunction) in what way; by what methods How do we get to the town from here? How did you hear about the concert? How does this machine work? How do you plan to spend your holiday? Roz doesn't know how to ride a bicycle. It all depends on how you look at it. I don't care about fashion, I dress how I please. I was horrified to hear about how (= the way) she had been treated. (disapproving) How can/could he be so stupid? (disapproving) I don't know how anyone could be interested in such a boring book. How is often used to mean in what condition, esp. of physical or emotional health. How is your mother? How are you feeling this morning? I'm just going to see how Mrs Baker is. How is also used in questions which ask what an experience or event was like. How was your flight? So how was the party? How did you find the lecture? (= did you think it was good) ? How did you like the concert (= did you enjoy it) ? She didn't say how far it is (= what the distance is) to her house. How long are you going to be (= what amount of time are you going to spend) in the bathroom? Do you know how many (= what number of) people are coming? How much does this cost (= what is its price) ? How old is his daughter (= what age is she) ?" Can you lift this case?" " It depends on how heavy it is. " Do you remember how (= the fact that) we used to see every new film as soon as it came out? How is sometimes used for emphasis. (slightly formal) How (= It is very) nice to see you!" She paid for everything. " " How (= that was very) generous. " I was thinking how pretty she looked in her green dress (= I thought she looked very attractive) . I can't tell you how pleased I am (= I am very pleased) that you came. (informal) How come/so? are used to express surprise. So how come (= why is it that) you got an invitation and not me?" I don't think I'll be able to go swimming tomorrow. " " How come/ How so? (= Why is that) "" I think we need to reconsider our position. " " How do you mean? (= I don't understand, please explain) . " (UK) How do you mean is also used to express annoyance or anger. How do you mean (= explain what happened when) you crashed the car! How are you? is used as a greeting. " Hi, how are you?" " Fine, thanks, how are you?" (informal) How are things?/ How's everything?/ How's it going/ How's life? are informal greetings. How do you do? is a formal greeting. " I'm Jack Stewart. " " How do you do, I'm Angela Black. " (dated) A how do you do is a difficult, worrying and unpleasant situation. " I had a row with my sister and now she's refusing to talk to me. " " Well, that's a fine how do you do!" (informal) How is used for making suggestions. How ('s) about going/ How would you like to go (= Would you like to go) for a drink after work? How about (= Could we consider) trying to expand our European market? (informal) Sales were up by 12% last month. How about that/how's that for a good result (= that's an extremely good result) ? We discovered that we'd both gone to the same school. How about that (= Isn't that surprising) ! Let me give you a cushion. How's that (= Are you comfortable) ? If you help me with the painting, I'll help you do the gardening. How's that for (= Is that satisfactory as) an offer? (informal) " I'll meet you on the corner of Oxford Street at 2. 30. " " How's that? (= Please repeat what you said) . " (informal) " I'll be glad when these road repairs are finished. " " And how (= I completely agree) !" How-to books (= books offering advice) on dieting are often at the top of the bestseller lists.
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